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Hayleys PLC

Sri Lanka

Mr Lasantha Somaratne

Head - Strategic Business Development


Hayleys PLC was founded in 1878 and has grown to be one of Sri Lanka’s largest multinational business conglomerates with a Turnover of ~USD 922 million and EBITDA of USD 114 million for the first 9 months of FY 2020/21. Hayleys was also the first listed company in Sri Lanka to cross USD 1 Bn in revenue in FY 2017/18. The Group owns a well-diversified business portfolio, including manufacturing, agriculture and services. The Group is internationally recognised as a leader in innovation, with manufacturing facilities in Indonesia, India and Thailand, marketing operations in Australia, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, UK and USA, offering transportation and logistics solutions in Maldives, Myanmar, India, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Group accounts for approximately 3.2% of Sri Lanka’s export income, and 3.6% of tea and 3.9% of rubber production.


Hayleys PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s most diversified conglomerates, with a deeply rooted presence across 16 business sectors, value chains and communities. Serving over 10 million customers across 5 continents the Group has built strong global market positions in key industries through relentless focus on innovation, customer satisfaction and sustainability. We have linked products of the rural hinterlands with sophisticated international markets and brought world class products to the Sri Lankan consumer. Our acquisitions and partnerships have enabled entrepreneurs to reach new zeniths in their respective fields. We have also shared our success with the Sri Lankan public by listing Hayleys PLC and 14 Group companies in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

The Group’s Business interests include:

1. Eco solutions
2. Hand protection
3. Purification
4. Textile manufacturing
5. Construction Material
6. Agriculture
7. Consumer & Retail
8. Leisure
9. Plantations
10. Industrial solutions
11. Power & Energy
12. Transportation & Logistics
13. BPO
14. Tea Exports
15. Projects & Engineering and
16. Investment & Services

The group’s market position is exemplified by:

 Fulfilling 5% of global demand for household and industrial gloves
 A leading player in coconut shell based activated carbon industry
 Leader in Sri Lanka’ s Transportation and Logistics Industry
 Sri Lanka’s largest manufacturer and supplier of consumer durables
 Generates 3.6% and 3.9% of Sri Lanka’s tea and rubber output respectively
 Sri Lanka’s largest exporter of processed agricultural food
 Sri Lanka’s largest manufacturer of aluminium extrusion products
 Largest knit fabric manufacturer in Sri Lanka
 Contributes ~40Mw of renewable energy to the National grid

Hayleys is also one of the country’s largest private sector employers with an employee base of ~31,000 and is among Sri Lanka’s most socio-economically impactful organisations. Hayleys is globally reputed for its sustainable approach to value creation and is one of Sri Lanka’s most respected corporate entities.

Hayleys group has been pioneer in use of renewable energy; wind, hydro & solar with over 40Mw grid connected renewable energy plants generating over 100 Gwh of sustainable energy. The group meets about 73% of energy needs through renewable energy sources.

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