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Investment Opportunities in the Renewable Energy Sector

Project Name : Investment Opportunities in the Renewable Energy Sector
Proposed Project Description : An opportunity to invest in Sri Lanka's largest Independent Power Producer (IPP), WindForce. A pioneer in wind power, WindForce also generates solar and hydro power. The Company has 27 power plants and contributes to 218 MW across 4 countries. Currently, the Company makes up for 77% of effective capacity in Sri Lanka.
Expected investment : USD 10 mn stake available
Expected method of partnership :
Employment generation :
Market potential : There is a greater demand for renewable energy in the recent decades, owing to the increased risks posed by climate change and the international community's pledge toward sustainable practices. With WindForce's diverse energy portfolio and global footprint, the Company hopes to grow their installed capacity. Planned projects include tapping into the vast energy potential that is currently unlocked in the African continent, starting off with a 30MW solar power plant in Senegal. In the local context, there is an upcoming 15MW wind power plant in Mannar. The Government of Sri Lanka aims to grow the renewable energy mix and greatly supports WindForce's attempts to contribute to the national grid.
Payback period :
Period to commence commercial operation : NA
Current status of the project : NA
Common infrastructure and utility availability : NA
Benefits to the Investor : NA Contact details : (Name, Designation, Institute, Telephone, Email, Website) Mr. Udeeshan Jonas Chief Strategist, Capital Alliance Limited (CAL) +94112317786[email protected]